I'm Innocent!

This past month I got a speeding ticket. Two in the same week actually. Both going 17 miles over the speed limit. I know, I need to slow the hell down. However the 2nd officer was nice enough to drop it down to a "Failure to obey a street sign". But the first one, oh no... the cop was extremely adamant that I was getting this ticket for 17mph over. He even schooled me on Virginia State Law and how all "residential areas" in the state always have a 25mph limit. 

The next day, a friend that knew where I got the ticket (Cedar Ridge Blvd in Loudoun County) said he drove by the scene of the crime and thought he noticed that the speed limit sign might have said 35 rather than 25mph. I quickly got on Google Street View, only to prove that the signs on that road were in fact 25mph. HERE is a picture from Google Street View on that road. Damn, I got excited there for a minute. But later that night I decided to do a drive by just to confirm. 

Much to my amazement, EVERY sign on EVERY inch of that road said 35mph. Apparently they changed the speed limit there after Google did a drive by. I took photos of each sign (see below) and plan to make an exhibit to present to the judge at my early October court date. I can't wait to say those four beautiful words... I'm innocent your Honor!

Look for an update the first week of October... hopefully with good news. Drive safe!

And for pure entertainment, here are 36 Embarrassing Google Street View Sightings.


So I went to court ready to defend myself with aeriel photographs as well as pictures of every MPH sign on the road. However as my name was called to stand before the judge, the Sherrif told the judge that he made a mistake and would like the ticket dismissed. I didn't even have to say a word! Case dismissed.


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