"Music allows me to have a dialog with people, so we both feel the same feelings, but on a deeper level than we could if we were just talking to each other." ~Dan Fisk
Award-winning singer-songwriter, Dan Fisk writes beautiful melodies woven with soulful, witty lyrics that speak to his audience's heart.  Rubbing the boundaries of both the singer-songwriter and country genres, Fisk transcends both with a unique, appealing sound.
"He’s diverse enough that you can’t really put a label on his music, though you just have to enjoy how easy-going his sound is. Musically sound, simple and sincere."
Ashley Estill, What’s On Tap

Critical Acclaim

Fisk’s exceptional talent is consistently acknowledged by the music press and his peers. The Songwriters Association of Washington have twice recognized his songs: “A Thousand Love Songs” (from his solo debut EP, Bruises From The Backseat), and "As Long As I'm With You" (from his latest CD Drifting) in their annual Mid-Atlantic Song Contest (2009 and 2013).  He was nominated for two WAMMIES in 2015 by the Washington Area Musician Association; "Best Pop Rock Vocalist" and "Best Pop Rock Recording" for the album "Drifting".

His performances have garnered praise as well:  Fisk was voted as one of Washington, DC’s “Hottest 5” musicians in 2010; and, featured in the DC Metromix primetime special on CBS/WUSA*9.

Distinctive Style

"The first thing that will strike you about Dan Fisk is his voice.  It's not perfect, flecked as it is here and there with interesting veins of timbre and tone; but there is something utterly real about it."  Wildy Haskell, Wildy's World
Critics have drawn comparisons to fellow Virginia natives Dave Matthews, Jason Mraz, and Pat McGee, yet Fisk's percussive, rhythmic guitar style is all his own.  It is the foundation - and soul - of his music, forming the backbone of his rollicking country/rock tunes, sweet ballads, or songs of regret and sorrow. His solo performances as well as the music recorded with a full band have a sound that is driven by his distinctive, signature guitar playing.
Confessional in the broadest sense, Fisk's heart beats with his songs, engaging in an emotional conversation with his audience. With contagious melodies and fresh lyrics, the tightly woven, highly crafted songs are stories that audiences relate to on first hearing, and remember long after the CD stops spinning.

Dynamic Performer

"This magnificent talent is being introduced to the masses on a national scale."
Erik Jensen, UpstateLIVE
Fisk is a veteran of the road, and plays regularly in Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland, New York, North Carolina and Chicago, performing at New York’s Park Avenue Festival, Chicago's Elbo Room, and leading DC venues such as IOTA and Jammin Java.  He has opened for Jay Nash, Garrison Starr and others, growing a loyal, expanding following. 


"Dan Fisk’s sound may not neatly fit into one genre, but that’s clearly a strength."  Brian Pagels, DC Music Pub
Fisk released Drifting, his highly anticipated second solo CD, on May 21, 2014. Strongly rhythmic with fresh, charming lyrics, Dan Fisk's Drifting traces the path a heart takes on its sojourn through life. Produced, engineered and co-written by Dave Mallen, Drifting has a radio-ready quality that is not normally found in an independent CD.
Opening with a bouncy, pop-tinged song of finding love (As Long As I'm With You), Drifting shifts into a rollicking, funky break-up tune (Heart Lies) - and the road of love/loss/love-again begins, paved with both melancholy ballads and toe-tapping rhythms.  The contribution of talented musicians from Nashville and the Washington DC area, including Buddy Speir, Mike Smirnoff, Heather Mae and more, give Drifting its big, bold sound. A dirty slide guitar, a funky horn section, or 4-piece rock/country set-up – each backs and reinforces the message of the song, while staying true to the sound of the entire CD. 
Drifting is a true artistic collaboration: musicians from the national stage; Dave Mallen, producer/co-writer; and, album art by Monica Davis, a Virginia visual artist whose works have been accepted by Rusted Root, G Love & Special Sauce, and several local bands. Fisk’s music inspired them all - and the resulting collaboration is truly beautiful.
Producer: Dave Mallen, Innovation Station Music (www.innovationstationmusic.com)
Album Graphic Design: Mark Beeson (www.110rpm.com)
Original Artwork: Monica Davis (www.dyoiart.com)
"The truly staggering Life and Limb (Bruises From The Backseat CD)… is an awesome blend of bluegrass, barbershop and country that snagged me instantly. Dan writes 'A little bit bluegrass, a touch of country, and a tip of the hat to A Cappella and barbershop music." Steve Gilmore, RebelRiffs

Fisk's debut solo EP, "Bruises From The Backseat", was released in 2011 and featured the award winning song, “A Thousand Love Songs”. The album evocatively explores the timeless topic of love, lost and found, and includes creative collaborations with some of DC’s finest musicians, including cellist Katie Chambers and local legend, Ted Garber.

Other Endeavors