New Lyric Video!

Have you ever been to a wedding of an ex? Maybe even watched while tough thoughts about "what could have been" tumbled through your head? Well I wrote a song about that called "Disappear" on my last album, and really loved how it turned out. I remember it being a tough song to write, if for no other reason how uncomfortable I felt playing and singing a sad ballad in 3/4. I never released a video for it (though I really wanted to), but recently couldn't pass up an opportunity to make a lyric video for the song. So here it is, I hope you enjoy it as much as Dave Mallen and I enjoyed creating it.

House Show Funk

November included an amazing House Concert in Virginia with Dave Mallen on keys. Since my friends from Throwing Plates James Britton and Doug Imhoff were also doing a set of music, Dave and I couldnt help but join in for one of James songs ("Mistook Me For An Aeroplane"). And damn was it fun. Check out the video below!

Painting The Music Recap

What a great Painting The Music show! It was the "Bruce Springsteen" edition, and here is a 5 minute video recap of almost every song performed that night by every musician. You can also see more photos and videos on the official PTM website or on the Facebook Page album

The Circus Life

When you are invited to be the musical guest on The Circus Life podcast, you don't say no! It’s a great weekly show recorded live at Cue Recording Studios that interviews music industry and pop culture figures locally and nationally. Dave and I played 2 songs live, then sat down for a great hour long show with host Justin TrawickHeather Aubrey Lloyd, and engineer Sean Russel. You can see the live performances on YouTube (Barefoot Tap Dance & Disappear), and just click on the photo below to listen to the full show!

Drifting... go buy it!

There are many places to buy my new album. You can by a physical copy of the CD directly from me HERE, or you can buy it from iTunes HERE. Or Amazon, or at a show, or a million other corners of the interweb. If you want to just listen to it, I suppose I won't stop you from streaming the entire album for free right here right now. Enjoy!

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"Singer-songwriter Dan Fisk is one of the area's most promising up-and-comers"
-District Noise

"Fisk’s sound may not neatly fit into one genre, but that’s clearly a strength"
-DC Music Pub full review

"Intelligent, calming and freshly-acoustic, Fisk really shines on this one"
-On Tap Magazine full review

"Fisk is a performer, pure and simple; a quality that even comes across in the recorded media of a CD or MP3"
-Wildy's World full review

"...truly staggering" and is a "highly recommended songwriter"
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You know you want one. 
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You know you want one. Unisex T's. V-necks. Scoop necks. Bundle packages.