The Photo Bomb

This past month I received a very random email. In fact, the first sentence of said email was “This is going to sound so random.” It doesn’t need any set up or commentary, so here it is for your reading pleasure. I have added hyperlinks for your education and playful entertainment. The photo attached to the email is at the bottom, blacked out for obvious reasons.

This is going to sound so random. Not sure if you have heard of GRINDR? It's a mobile app (for gay men) for your phone that basically shows people that have also created profiles that are on the app, and how far away they are from you. I'm sure you're very much a straight man, which is why this is sort of funny. I live in Winchester VA, and this guy’s picture shows up on my screen, and he's like 30 some miles away. Well by looking at the pic, I can see another guy in the background. I'm staring at the pic wondering if the picture is at a concert or something, thinking to myself “I wonder if the poor guy in the background with the guitar knows that he is in this photo that this man has as his profile picture?” So I tap the photo, which makes the distance and stats disappear, and low and behold in the right hand corner of the screen there is a speaker with a name and a website. Of course I had to check it out...and guess what?! It's you

This random guy is actually helping you out a in a way. I totally went to your website and checked out your music. It's different than what I would normally listen to, but I was pleasantly surprised. Again, random but I thought you might find some humor in it. I have attached the photo so you could see what I'm talking about. Good luck in your endeavors.

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