That Donkey Looks Like an Elephant

Disclaimer / Preface: Although I try not to show it publicly, or express my views within the confines of my music and web presence, I’m actually quite opinionated when it comes to politics. But here I sit, about to admit to the digital world that I am a hardcore lefty… a progressive… a liberal… a (gasp) DEMOCRAT! I currently have no intention of dragging my politics into music, and I take pride in respecting other people’s beliefs (particularly when it comes to politics). But to fully appreciate the story I am about to tell you, it is important to realize where my political allegiance lay.

A couple years back, I was hungry to start playing some solo cover gigs and wouldn’t turn down a single opportunity that my agency booked me for. Then one evening I got a phone call offering me a gig for a ton of money that seemed too good to be true. I was asked to play at a private political fundraiser the very next night for a local Democratic official, and the speaker at the event was none other than the Governor of Virginia – Democrat Tim Kaine! I was stoked! Should I wear my Obama shirt?! Would it be weird to ask for a photo with me and the Gov on stage together? Ahh, what a night this was going to be I thought.

The event was to take place at a nice restaurant right on the waters of the Potomac. I was to play on a stage that connects to a dock, facing the shoreline gathering of people. 100 feet of water separated me from the guests. To give you a better idea of how cool the set up was, here is a picture of me actually playing the event:

Sounds like a great time huh? Well, not so fast... When I first arrived to start setting up my gear, I mentioned to the manager of the restaurant that I am a hardcore Democrat and was very excited to play for the Governor. He looked at me with apologetic eyes and said: “Yeah, I might of given your agent the wrong information on accident. This is a Republican fundraiser for Delegate Lingamfelter and the guest speaker is former Virginia Governor George Allen!”

First of all, who the hell is Lingamfelter and what kind of name is that? Secondly, holy $hit. Mr. Macaca is here?! I have to play for THAT guy? So I sucked it up, played my songs with a fake smile that would put Sarah Palin to shame, and I got paid. I had to donate most of the money I made to the Obama presidential campaign just to clear my conscience.

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