Taking Credit For A Future Rock Star

If 10 year old Benjamin is an official Rock Star by time he is 25, I’m going to take credit for it. 

After seeing me play a show last fall, a 10 year old boy named Benjamin bought my CD. Not too long after that, his guitar teacher (whom I happen to know) asked him to write a list of 10 songs he would like to learn. He listed a few Beatles songs, The Eagles, some modern rock tunes, etc. But #2 on his list was my song "A Thousand Love Songs"! He then came to one of my shows this spring with his Dad and told me he learned the song. So I invited him to play it with me the next time I had a show in his area. Not long after that, he showed up with his electric guitar ready to make his live debut. Fortunately his dad had a video camera and sent me the video. Here it is:

I’m flattered that young Benjamin digs my music enough to want to learn it. I hope he continues to practice, as I’m sure he will get better every month. And speaking of getting better, his Dad recently reached out to let me know that his Mini Clapton has learned two more of my songs. He also let me know that Benjamin has also written a song for his Mother! So I invited him back to play with me on Mothers Day at The Barns At Hamilton Station. I’ll be sure to post the video when I can get my hands on it!

Rock on Benjamin.

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