Snomageddon (aka “snOMG”, aka “The Storm of 2010”) didn’t treat me well. After 2 days of no power at my house, a tree fell on my roof and another fell on power lines 15 feet from my kitchen. Once the power came back on, the power lines caught fire. I pulled up to my driveway with several fire trucks surrounding the property. No major damage done.

Good News: The tree cutting service came and cut the tree off the lines later that night.
Bad News: They got stuck in my yard and left a 4 foot deep rut all along my driveway.
Good News: The power was restored just before the Super Bowl started.
Bad News: The power surge killed my furnace, fans, lights, and miscellaneous other electrical luxuries.
Good News: My brother came down from NY to help me out:
Bad News: He spent 5 days fixing my house, cutting trees off my roof, and had his snow blower stolen. He is the best brother ever.

Did I mention I had jury duty in the middle of all this?! My apologies for the shows I had to cancel over those 5 days. I was a little busy!

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