Just In Case You Missed It

If you haven’t already figured it out, every month I tell a story in my Monthly Newsletter, and then post it on my website blog called “IAHAS”. Yeah, it’s a funny looking word but it seems to work. Over the past 3 years, many people have been added to my email list, and therefore may have missed some of my favorite posts. I thought I would take the opportunity to go back in time and re-share some of my favorites. So here you go!

So A Baby Walks Into A Bar... (Posted on May 31, 2010)
This one is pretty self-explainatory.

WWWD (What Would Weezy Do?) (Posted on Sep 7, 2010)
By far the most embarrassing thing that has ever happen to me on stage. I still have people remind me about this regularly. Ugggggh.

My Calculator Can Beat Up Your Calculator (Posted on Aug 4, 2010)
My poor technology-challenged Mother needed some math done.

The Giant Flop of a Radio Interview (Posted on Feb 4, 2011)
My first ever radio interview was a train wreck. After posting this, the DJ actually left a comment worth reading. The audio is up as well.

I Suck Huh? Well Don’t Tell That To Manassas (Posted on Jun 27, 2011)
Nothing like getting a bar to beat somebody up for you while you're playing.

Yes, That Was My Job (Posted on Jul 5, 2012)
A run-through of all the odd-jobs I’ve had over my life.

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