Down For The Count

A couple Saturday’s ago I had a long night. Late gig, early morning greasy diner, yada yada. I slept for a total of three short hours before waking up and heading to Buffalo Wild Wings for some lunch with friends. Six boneless wings and a Mountain Dew later I was headed to another friends farm to shoot some pistols on a hot summer day. (Yes, I’m a liberal who likes to shoot guns on occasion. More rare than a Bigfoot sighting.)

It never occurred to me that drinking all night followed by three hours sleep with no water in me followed by standing in the sun for two hours is potentially dangerous. It STILL didn’t occur to me when I started to get really hot. Then really sick. Then really dizzy. I told everybody around me that I was hot/sick/dizzy the moment that wonderful cornucopia of feelings swept over me. I remember trying to kneel down on one knee, and then it all went black.

The next thing I remember was like a scene out of movie. I heard voices calling my name, and as I opened my eyes I saw several upside down heads nervously looking down at me. I asked “where am I”, to which they responded “you passed out!”. All I could think about was “why the hell did you wake me up? I was really enjoying that deep sleep!”.

So kids, there is your lesson. Drink water. Lots of water. Especially after a night of drinking, no sleep, and a Mountain Dew / chicken wing breakfast in the hot sun. It was the first time I ever passed out in my life. Oh, and if you are wondering, we were all done shooting by the time I hit the ground. I find it hard to hit the target when you are unconscious.

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