A Winning Streak

Just when I think I had seen it all, something new pops up. During performances over the years, I have witnessed bar fights, fainting, babies wandering around alone, people performing “personal” acts under a table, puking, broken glasses and broken hearts. But a few weeks ago while playing at Loudoun Valley Vineyards I witnessed a first. 

There were a pair of married couples sitting in front of me all afternoon enjoying the sun, some wine and hopefully my music. I had a nice conversation with their table, and while they weren’t drunk, they were certainly… ummm, outgoing. Late in the afternoon they decided to finally leave. From my vantage point on the deck I was playing at, I could see their car pull out of the driveway. But then it stopped, and apparently somebody got out before the car returned to the parking lot near the front of the winery. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed somebody “frolicking” through the field that surrounded the winery directly in view of me an everybody else on the deck. We all realized at the same time that the gentleman prancing around the field aimlessly was in fact very much naked. I literally stopped playing mid-song and asked the crowd “Is that dude streaking?!”. Sure enough, he was. He ate up the attention, and upon noticing everybody was watching, he gave a big wave (with his hands... get your mind out of the gutter!). The patrons all waved back, sans a couple parents that used their hands to cover the eyes of young children.

The car eventually drove back up the driveway to pick him up as he got in slowly. I kind of imagined his wife inside the car pulling up to him like in Old School asking “Frank.. what the hell are you doing?!” Classic.

Fun fact: Did you know that Hamilton College (the 16th best Liberal Arts school in the nation) has a Varsity Streaking Team? They are undefeated. What a winning streak!

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